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Making Terraform code more modular

Infrastructure-as-Code on its own is made to make our lives easier by automating repetitive tasks. Creating a simple infrastructure using Terraform can be relatively easy, but what about our more complex/modular needs? How can we keep the level of automation IaC tools give us, but make it modular?

7 min read

Deploying and managing EC2 instances with Terraform and Ansible

The world of Infrastructure as Code is beautiful. Creating temporary architectures and easily scaling them up/down/in/out is what makes it as powerful as it is. Let's see how tools like Terraform and Ansible can work together to create fully automated infrastructure.

7 min read

Deploying a Lambda function with API gateway using Terraform

For one of the courses I follow, I had to deploy an AWS Lambda function with an HTTP API gateway using Terraform. After a few hours of trial and error, searching the web and drinking coffee, I finally came to a working solution.

5 min read

Upgrading my Homelab 2: Filling the rack.

In my previous blog post I talked about how I built my very own DIY server rack. It’s time to fill that rack with some equipment so I can put it to good use. Follow along to see what I put in my rack and what my plans are with it.

4 min read

Upgrading my homelab 1: Building my own rack.

Because of COVID-19, I’ve been working (studying) from home the past few months. Experiencing a couple of issues with VPNs made me realize that a homelab is a useful thing to have, so I decided to do some upgrades. In this part I’ll talk about how I built my own rack from scratch.

3 min read

Creating VMWare ESXi virtual machines with Ansible

Clicking the same buttons over and over again can be a little.. exhausting(?). It often feels like you can do something much more useful with your time. Well, using Ansible combined with a VM Template, you can easily automate the creation of a VM.

5 min read

How did I build my homelab?

As a 19-year-old Security, Systems & Services student, getting hands-on experience with servers while I'm not on campus helps me get some experience. Having some servers at home was the ultimate start of this project.

4 min read

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